26 days until departure

With 26 days until we pedal-off from San Francisco, CA, I wanted to write my first post to give my friends and family all they need to know about this amazing journey I’m about to embark on.

I am ecstatic and dying of anticipation to hit the road and build friendships with the very people I have been fundraising for. I will try to keep this blog updated with photos and posts along the road regularly (excuse any and all typos, as I will be posting from my iPad and iPhone on the road).

Feel free to play around with my new blog, I have included more information about me, the journey, the route, push america, and a comment box to drop a line of encouragement! Be sure to add your email to the  “Follow Blog via Email” widget to the right to receive updates on the journey and follow @JOHNorth on twitter.

I recently found this video from the 2012 Journey of Hope Trans America Team. I find it extremely inspirational and use it as motivation to hit the saddle and train.


Mail Drops

Along the way, our friends and family are encouraged to send us letters, care packages, and anything to give us that extra push to finish the last mile every day.

At the end of each address block, please remember to include “Attn: Journey of Hope- Sanjeev Udhnani” in order to ensure that I receive the package. Your mail/packages MUST arrive by the “Arrive by” dates listed below; there will be no forwarding of mail that has arrived after the deadlines. Please use the addresses under the NORTH (middle) Column. 


Track our Route

Here’s the link to track our route. Thanks to OnAsset Intelligence you are now able to follow all three Journey of Hope teams as we make our way across the country. Each team will carry a GPS tracking device that will be updated every half hour as we ride. You’ll notice the markers on the map that correspond to the three routes. If you click on the location marker it will also give you the exact location and current weather.

SF Departure

Click here for more information on our San Francisco Departure. I am really hoping that all of my friends and family in the California area can make their way up to the Bay area to see me off!

DC Arrival

Click here for more information on our DC Arrival. After 67 days of cycling I really hope to be greeted by my friends and family that helped make this journey possible for me. All information on events, our arrival location, and hotel accommodations can be accessed through that link!

Lastly I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU the wonderful sororities that helped fundraise towards my Journey of Hope Goal. The following Organizations will receive a personal letter to their respective National Presidents noting the tremendous efforts to help me reach my goal: Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Phi Epsilon, and Phi Mu.

In addition, to show my gratitude to the Alpha Gamma Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon for donating over $600 towards my goal, I will be riding with a Delta Phi Epsilon flag and stopping for photo ops along the journey. After our August 10th arrival, the flag will be property of the chapter for Intramural games and events.

It’s not too late to still make a donation and support an amazing cause!


One thought on “26 days until departure

  1. Love your blog! And very proud of all that you have accomplished so far. Keep it up!
    – love, your favorite

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