Can’t contain the excitement

We’re just about ready to start Day 3. We’ve biked 0 miles thus far and I already know that this is going to be the most phenomenal experience of my life. So far we’ve been going over policy and procedure to make sure we’re all safe on the road (Don’t worry mom, there’s a bunch of safety protocols we follow while on the road).

So I want to try something new and with each blog post I want to tell you more about a specific disability.

Today’s disability is Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome is also known as trisomy 21 or DS. It is caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21. Down Syndrome is the most commonly occurring chromosomal condition. 1 out of every 691 babies born in the United States are born with Down Syndrome. There are more than 400,000 people living with DS in the United States. Today the average lifespan of a person with DS in the United States is approximately 60 years.

Day 1 we toured the Janet Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center. It was such an amazing experience seeing all the services they offer to their clients (Indoor pool, basketball arena, stage for theater and drama, a garden, teepee hut, play place, and so much more). We got to play an exciting game of basketball with the clients of the center. 63-8 was the final score. We played a tough game, but the Janet Pomeroy wildcats are just an incredible team (They’re also undefeated at home for the past 6 years). I really cannot wait to attend more camps and centers that specialize in care for people with disabilities. Here’s a photo of Saurabh Mehta with myself and a client of the center at our friendship visit.


On Day 2 we finally got to hit the saddle and did a skills assessment for 2-3 hours to make sure we can all ride a bike. We got some down time and had the ability to tour around Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. We finally got our team picture by the Golden Gate Bridge and scoped out our ride for today (Day 3). We also got a wonderful tour by Ryan Mayo of the Clif Bar Headquarters. Clif bar has been a long time supporter of the Journey of Hope and we’re really glad they’re sponsoring us with some delicious snack bars. Ryan completed the Journey of Hope back in 1999.



It’s been a great experience getting to know these guys on the trip with me. They all have such amazing stories and come from all walks of life. I haven’t even really biked a mile headed east but I’m so incredibly excited for what’s to come. In the next few days well be riding up to Lake Tahoe and well be experiencing the scenery and appreciating the skill needed to complete that ride. It’ll take a lot of effort on the teams part to complete but I know our team has the ability and determination to make it.

Lastly, I hope the Alpha Gamma Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority likes their new flag! Thank you so much for helping me raise over $600 for the cause!


Thanks for reading and sorry for any spelling/grammatical errors!!




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