Fast Bikes

Let me start off by saying there is nothing like buzzing down a mountain at 40+mph. The wind in my face and the mountains in the skyline truly left me speechless today. I joked around with my pace line today and said that Tracey Chapman should make a remix to ‘Fast Cars’ titled ‘Fast bikes’ lol. Yeah, we’re working on the lyrics.

It’s been a really tough stretch over the last few days– yesterday we rode into Austin, NV (Population ~100). It was a 111 mile day and you could see the excruciating look on all our teammates faces. I can honestly say that all of us are pushing each other past our physical and mental limits. Here’s a photo of our prize for making it the whole 111 miles. We’ve biked almost 200 miles in 2 days and a little less than 300 since my last post. I think we’ve climbed over 12,000 ft over the past 3 days. Don’t be mistaken, there are plenty of canyons and hills in the Deserts of Nevada.


And here’s one of me when we made it over one of the bigger hills we had to climb.


We stopped along the way to make a lasting memory for a lifetime in the Nevada Desert.



We haven’t had many friendship visits in a few days :/. We really haven’t even seen many people in the past week lol. We’re riding through a stretch by the name of the ‘loneliest highway in America’.

You could probably see why they call it that.

Before Austin, NV we spent a night in Fallon, NV. There we were greeted by a herd of wild mustangs.

There’s probably more horses and cows in that town than there are people.

We had a friendship visit and potluck in Fallon with a group by the name of Humble Shredders. A group that specializes in getting people with disability jobs shredding documents and teaches them vocational skills. We sang some Karaoke and danced for hours. I can’t seem to get my hands on a video of myself and our Logistics Coordinator, Spencer Haworth singing “Wonderwall” by Oasis. It was such a great time and I think singing can be our big break into Hollywood.

Lastly, before Fallon we reached Carson City, NV. We crossed over the state line and left California. 1 state down and 12 more to go!


We got to our first mail drop in Carson City where I was ecstatic to see a lovely letter from the beautiful Priti Gulley. We had 2 visits that day- one with the Boys and Girls Club of Western Nevada and one with the Children’s Museum. The Boys and Girls Club visit was great. I got to beat little kids at Tether Ball and it really helped my self esteem after all these tough rides. Our team performed a puppet show at each visit. The Puppet Show was aimed to teach the kids about people with disabilities and how they are just like you and I. The kids may have sounded like they were the stars of the AT&T commercials, but nonetheless they were talking to those puppets like they were real people. Our goal is to teach people across America about empathy and acceptance of people with disabilities and I can see our mission being accomplished one visit at a time.

Here’s a photo of the 3 biggest Dallas Cowboys fans at the Boys and Girls Club.


We were also featured in the Carson City Newspaper- check it out.


All in all it’s been a crazy tiring few days but we’re pushing through! Seeing Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram photos, and texts really help me push through and finish everyday! Thank you to everyone for all the love and support. I really feel blessed to have such an amazing group of friends and family.

Next stop Ely and Baker, NV! (FYI- the population of Baker is 68 people). I’ve been in public bathrooms with more people than that lol.

In a few days my Journal Entry on the Push America Website will be posted! Be sure to check it out and read from other teammates about the journey so far!

I really appreciate you taking the time to read my latest post! Take care and ’til next time!!!



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