So we’re finally in Utah!!! 2 states down and 10 more ’til we get to D.C.! Time sure has flown and I can honestly say that these guys I’m sharing this experience with has made the Journey so much more worth it. We haven’t had a friendship visit in a while so we’ve spent a lot of time bonding and hanging out.


Yesterday we rode into Delta, UT. It was originally a 96 mile ride but we all decided as a team to ride an extra 4 mile loop to make it a century day. The day ran through extremely fast. We finished with an average speed just shy of 15 mph. It was really great seeing the Salt Flats coming down a mountain. Needless to say, coming from Miami I’ve never seen anything quite like it.


Today I had the pleasure of riding with my teammate Michael Walton from Texas Christian University. We both pondered life’s mysteries and shared our life stories. We were both hampered by bike issues really early in the morning today and knew within the first 5-10 miles that we wouldn’t be able to make the rack point today. It was one of those days that we needed to cover about 65 miles within 4 hours to make it to a ride along with a local bike group. We were both really frustrated today, but having each other there for one another really helped make the ride smoother. We rode as much as we could and covered around 50 miles today. We got racked on to the vans and were bussed over to our staging location a few miles away.

We had the fortune of riding with a young girl by the name of Natalie and her parents. Natalie was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. She rode 5 miles with us as we rode over into the Senior Center we are staying at tonight. Her story was really quite inspirational and it was extremely fun when she tried to race me. She was easily going 19mph down one stretch of rode.

Here’s a photo of my teammate Alex Eplan (Georgia Tech) and I with Natalie today after our ride.


As Michael and I shared our personal stories and reflected off today’s ride it helped me realize that you can’t control the cards you are dealt in life. Life is all about how you play the cards you’re dealt and that’s what determines how you finish. After all, the only disability in life is a bad attitude.

Here’s a photo of Mike and I from a few days ago.


Thanks again for checking back! ‘Til next time!!! Also, please don’t forget to stay safe on the road and give cyclists room when driving. Again, sorry for any grammatical errors! I’m posting this all from my phone everyday!

I’d really appreciate more donations! Nothing makes my day more complete than finishing off a ride and seeing a donation posted on my email to go towards these amazing organizations we meet with!




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