about the journey

The Journey of Hope covers 32 different states, cycling over 12,000 miles combined across 3 different routes. The Journey of Hope is aimed to continue to spread a message of acceptance and understanding for people with disabilities. Journey of Hope reaches out to people through newspapers, radio and television, civic groups and community leaders, reaching millions of people annually and bringing to the forefront the abilities of people with disabilities.

The Journey of Hope is a cross-country bicycle trek beginning in San Francisco (North) [my route], Los Angeles (South) and Seattle (TransAmerica) and ending together with all teams in Washington, D.C. on August 10th. The event raises funds and awareness for people with disabilities. Simply put, the Journey of Hope is a ride with a purpose. Make no mistake; this is not a simple ride. Journey of Hope is about many things. It is about challenging the norm. It is about serving our communities. It is about finding out more about ourselves than we ever imagined. It is about having a dream. It is about a mission. It is about hope.


Map of the Journey of Hope North Route

The true impact of the Journey of Hope can be felt through its programming across the nation. After riding an average of 75 miles a day, you won’t find us napping preparing for the next day’s ride. We’ll be dancing at a friendship visit with a local group that supports people with disabilities, participating in a game of wheelchair basketball, performing puppet shows to educate children on the abilities of people with disabilities, and learning life lessons that will impact them for the rest of their lives. We build relationships with the very people we raise money for. Your dollar stretches miles and miles across many boundaries and borders.

It’s incredible to imagine how far a small goal of raising awareness by spreading the message of Abilities, Empathy, Integrity, and Teamwork goes in the lives of those living with disabilities. A simple message of empathy and acceptance is all it takes to break down the barrier of understanding, and I have committed myself to spreading this message this summer.

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