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Welcome to my blog! Thank you for taking the time to learn about this incredible Journey I will be embarking on this Summer (2013). To read more about the Journey, flip to ‘about the journey’. If you’d like to share a comment or word of encouragement, leave a message in the ‘contact’ tab.

My name is Sanjeev Udhnani and I am twenty-three years young. I was born and raised in South Florida but currently residing in Washington D.C. I graduated from Florida International University with degrees in Finance and International Business Honors. During those four years, I was part of several different organizations including Vice President of SGA, Vice President of the Interfraternal Council, Order of the Torch, and of course Pi Kappa Phi. Being a member of such an incredible brotherhood has definitely shaped me into the man I am today. Because of my brothers, I was introduced to Push America and their fight to raise awareness for people with disabilities. I am honored to be able to make this journey, along with 99 of my other brothers from across the nation, to help shed light on a cause that has become so near and dear to my heart. P.S. Sanjeev loves Priti more.

Don’t forget to track my teammates and I on our journey!


Capitol Region Pikapps Training for the Journey of Hope near Galesville, MD. (From Left to Right) Mike Jones UMBC [North Route], Paul Asercion GWU [TransAmerica Route], and myself [North Route].

Help Me Reach My Individual Fundraising Goal!

I’ve pledged to raise at least $5,500 to Push America. This is a commitment not only to the philanthropy but to the countless individuals with disabilities who benefit from it.If you have anything to give, please consider making a donation. Every little bit helps and your money is definitely going to a great cause.

Donations are tax deductible and if you have any questions, please contact me.

Click here to find out how to make a donation.


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